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Vinyl Composite Blinds are a staple in many homes along the Wasatch Front. Our customers have been happy with the quality and real wood-like beauty of these blinds for the price for over 20 years! Our Vinyl Composite Blinds have been engineered to withstand moisture, making them ideal for high-humidity environments like bathrooms and above kitchen sinks. Constructed from high-quality synthetic material, our composite blinds are resistant to fading and cracking.


  • A durable alternative to natural wood blinds
  • Moisture resistant – great for bathrooms and above kitchen sinks
  • Option for routless 
  • A beautiful composite valance accompanies all of our composite Blinds
  • Offers a wood blind feel at an affordable price
  • Protects your interior from fading and sun damage
  • All of The Blindman’s Composite Blinds come with a Limited Life-Time Warranty. Read more about our Warranty here. 


Color options coming soon!
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More Options:

Tilter Control Options:

  • Wand Tilter
  • Cord Tilter

Slat Size:

  • 2″ slats
  • 2 1/2″ slats

Bathroom Composite Blinds

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