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Roman Shades

Roman shades are a stylish way to cover any window. You can choose from a wide array of colors and fabrics to match your décor! Roman shades are a great alternative to drapes, giving you the soft feel that drapes bring, while keeping the functionality of a blind.


  • Roman shades come in two very different styles. The more traditional hobbled-fold, and the flat-panel. Both offer unique looks to your room.
  • Motorization is also an option of roman shades. Motorization works wonderful for higher up windows and bigger shades, making them easy to use! 
  • The controls are a continuous cord loop, meaning they will be secured to the wall or window frame. This is a great option for bigger shades and heavier materials.
  • Cordless lift option is available in roman shades making them kid and pet friendly.

Available in a wide variety of timeless fabrics and colors with 5 different operating system options including top down, bottom up. Choose from light filtering or blackout and 4 different fold styles to suit any decorating style:

Classic Roman:  The classic roman shade has decorative seams through the front fabric that provides added texture when the shade is lowered.

Flat Roman: The traditional flat roman shade looks like a roller shade when it is down and gathers in beautiful soft folds as it’s raised.

Hobbled Roman: The hobbled roman is a signature traditional roman shade that is known for it’s beautiful soft folds that drape when it’s lowered. This shade is recommended for textures and solids. Not recommended for designs with a pattern that will be interrupted by the pleats.

The Relaxed Roman: The relaxed roman features the same flat look when lowered, but always carries a decorative “smile” at the bottom to provide a softer look.

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