Beautiful Handcrafted Hardwood Shutters In The Wasatch Front

Beautiful Handcrafted Hardwood Shutters. The Blindman’s classic Plantation Shutters are crafted from 100% solid hardwood. They are constructed right here in Utah by skilled craftsmen to bring you the best possible product. They are available in a large selection of paint and stains, and are also able to be color matched to your decor. Seasoned hardwood can lend a natural beauty to your home that will be loved for years to come.


  • 100% Hardwood – no MDF or HDF material used lowering your exposure to harmful formaldehyde and other deadly fumes associated with fiberboard products.
  • Thanks to it’s unique design, Natural Hardwood Shutter easily protect your interiors from fading and sun damage.
  • Many different options for a decorative moulding
  • Can be used to cover: arches, specialty windows, and sliding glass doors
  • Natural Hardwood Shutters are easy to clean! Because of the nature of hardwood they do not attract dust to the the louvers, unlike other synthetic options.
  • A hidden tilt bar is offered to optimize light control
  • Natural Hardwood Shutters come in a wide variety of colors and can also be custom color matched to your interior.
  • Superior local craftsmanship
  • Shutters offer an easy and beautiful solution to control light and privacy.
  • Shutters do not have any cords, making them a safe option for homes with children and pets.
  • Options for Hinged Panels, Bi-Fold Track or Bypass Track
  • Natural Hardwood Shutters offer a timeless look to any room. Their insulating design will help to lower your energy bills and keep your home comfortable year round.

100% Hardwood Shutters Crafted in Basswood

Basswood had been adopted as the preferred wood species for high-end shutters, which is why all of The Blindman’s Hardwood Shutters are fabricated in Basswood rather than commonly used MDF, HDF or Poplar wood. Basswood shutters have the best combination of the most desirable traits among other hardwoods. It is one of the straightest hardwoods with an indistinct grain pattern and fine uniform texture which lends itself to superior versatility in staining and painting. The light wood grain can be stained to match any color, even specialty woods such as Alder wood or Cherry. The non-porous close grains of Basswood resist moisture and warping better than open wood grains making it one of the most durable furniture grade woods.

Basswood has a greater strength-to-weight ratio than any other shutter material on the market while maintaining a light profile. Being both lightweight and very strong means your shutters are held up with less hinge fatigue, and can withstand wider panels, longer lover sizes and less framing. Bulky support systems are not required with Basswood resulting in an authentic, clean and uniform look.

Unlike it’s manufactured wood counterparts, when Basswood is exposed to the elements of direct sunlight it will not de-laminate, crack, sag or swell. While engineered woods are cheaper, overtime wood and glue combinations used to create manufactured wood will contract, twist, warp, and eventually fail. Shutters are generally exposed to prolonged sunlight, which is precisely the kind of conditions where wood glue breaks down often revealing glue lines, bleed through, splitting and cracks in paint or stain. Visit our Blog, “The Truth About MDF,” to learn more about why The Blindman does not offer MDF or other manufactured wood shutter products. The Blindman is committed to selling products with only the best quality for lasting durability, to ensure performance that engineered woods simply cannot duplicate.

Most Popular Colors:




Vivid White



More Paint Colors:


Pure White



Stain Colors:


Sunrise Oak


Evening Oak


Warm Cherry




Warm Chestnut


Toasted Walnut


Dark Mahogany

More color options upon request.
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More Options:

Tilter Control Options:

  • Visible tilt bar
  • Hidden tilt bar
Louver Size:

  • 2.5” Louver
  • 3.5” Louver
  • 4.5″ Louver

Max panel size:

  • Width: 36″
  • Height: 96″

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