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Roller shades are the perfect window covering for your home or office! They are able to pull together different décor with our hundreds of different patterns and fabrics that we have to choose from. Roller shades are exceptionally easy to clean, and will look new for years to come!


  • Roller shades have a cordless option to them, making roller shades kid friendly and easy to use.
  • Roller shades can be motorized for those hard to reach windows.
  • It’s easy to see why roller shades have burst onto the window-covering scene as one of the must-have items. Roller shades are guaranteed to be a great option for years to come.
  • Roller shades come in many different opacities; from light-filtering, to room darkening, to a blackout shade, roller shades can give you the privacy you desire.


On a standard roller shade, the roller tube is visible when the fabric rolls off the back. Raise and lower standard roller shades with cord loop operation.

For a uniform appearance, choose the reverse roll option on standard roller shades. The fabric rotates off the front of the roller tube, hiding the roller.

A motorized lift system raises and lowers one shade or group of shades with the push of a button. Radio-frequency motorization is excellent for any space with large windows, multiple windows, or for the simple convenience and child-safe method of operating shades.

Bottom Rails:
The standard bottom rail is fabric wrapped with clear end caps. For a modern look, select an exposed bottom rail in white, black, vanilla, bronze or brushed aluminum.


Along with hundreds of different fabrics, solar screens and natural textures to choose from, Roller Shades come in many different cord options and valance options, which make them perfect for almost any setting. From a simple roll to a modern fascia, roller shades can be customized to fit your personal design style!

Valance Options:
Can be done with the material coming off the back of the roller, which is standard, or the front of the roller, which would be a reverse roll.

Conceal the roller tube with the Designer Cassette headrail for an elegant look with clean lines. Available in white, black and oil rubbed bronze, every headrail also comes with a matching fabric insert strip. All cordless shades include a clear plastic grip as an optional attachment.

The Fabric Wrapped Designer Cassette creates a completely seamless look to conceal operating components and blends in perfectly with your roller shade. Smooth Faced Designer Cassette headrails provide a contemporary look while concealing the shade’s hardware components. Choose from white, oil rubbed bronze or black to complement your room or your fabric selection. All cordless shades include a clear plastic grip as an optional attachment.

Fabric Wrapped Designer Cassette 

Smooth Faced Designer Cassette

Available in White, Anodized, Vanilla, Bronze and Black, the Fascia provides a modern look to any window opening.

Available in white, Anodized, Vanilla, Bronze and Black, the 4” Fascia provides a sleek way to conceal large rolls of fabric.




Roller shades come in hundreds of different colors and textures. Give us a call to meet with one of our qualified sales representatives to go over different fabrics! Following is just a small selection of our beautiful roller shade colors. 

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