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Shutters are the high standard of window decor. Having been around for generations, shutters have withstood the test of time. With their clean modern lines and classic finish, shutters can create an elegant look in any room. Shutters are a great long-term investment in any home or office. Adding value to the property and helping with insulation from the elements outside, shutters are a great option for any window!

Hardwood Shutters

The Blindman’s classic Plantation Shutters are crafted from 100% solid Basswood, a clear light grained hardwood. When stained, Basswood is easily matched to other existing woodgrains or can be easily painted to create a modern and clean look.

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Vinyl Composite Shutters

Vinyl Composite Shutters offer the chic look of real wood, but thanks to their synthetic material, they can stand also withstand areas of high humidity. This makes them the ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

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Specialty Shutters

Whether your window is shaped like an arch, a triangle, or a circle, The Blindman’s hardwood shutter can be made to fit your window. There is literally not a window shape that a shutter cannot cover. Quickly transforming odd shaped windows into a decorative focal point!

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Why Choose Shutters:

Custom and Versatile:

Shutters are one of the most desired high-end window coverings. Boasting timeless elegance with unmatched durability and decorative versatility. They have earned their reputation for being one of the most coveted window treatments on the market. Blindman’s signature products are designed to match your existing finishes no matter what your specific needs might be. From oddly shaped windows to custom trim color matching and a wide variety of frame styles, The Blindman has you covered.

Long Lasting Investment:

Unlike other window covering options, shutters become a fixed part of the home and not an accessory. This means investing in shutters will maximize the resale value of your home, providing significant overall savings. In addition to enhancing the appearance of your interior finishes, they also provide excellent curb appeal for the exterior windows of your home.  The Blindman’s plantation shutters are constructed with a superior insulating design to keep heating and cooling costs down for greater energy savings. This maximizes your return on investment two fold and results in sizable savings overall.

Superior Durability:

Part of what makes shutters uniquely durable is they do not require the components that typically increase wear and tear over time.  There are no cords or strings that can potentially tangle and no fabrics that can stain or snag.  The Blindman’s signature shutters typically have double the life of other window covering options and that is due to their unmatched quality craftsmanship.

The Blindman is also locally owned and operated. Our signature products are manufactured on-site in our Lindon, Utah factory. Here at the factory, each shutter is expertly crafted using only top of the line materials according to each customer’s specific selections. Each piece is inspected for quality control as part of our dedication to our customer satisfaction guarantee.

Light Control:

Shutters can be a great option for achieving your light control preferences.  Tilt rods and louver sizes play an important role in light control.  Wide louvers provide the best view outside while letting in optimal sunlight. The amount of light being let in can be adjusted by moving the tilt rods to darken the room and create more privacy.

Easy Maintenance:

Shutters are extremely easy to maintain and keep looking clean. Routine maintenance includes occasional dusting and avoiding standing water.  Spills and splatters of any kind can simply be wiped away keeping them looking as new as the day they were installed.

Ready to get started?

The Blindman manufactures 100% Hardwood Shutters made from Basswood as well as synthetic or Vinyl Composite Shutters to fit your home’s style preferences and budget.  Give us a call today to schedule a free in-home estimate at (801) 692-2490 or visit our showroom at 750 N 2800 W, Lindon UT 84042!
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