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Cellular Shades

Utah’s best handcrafted cellular shades. Cellular shades are also known as honeycomb shades and have been a staple in homes for years. Cellular shades compliment any style of room at an affordable price! They are great insulators, proving time and time again to help keep the heat and cold out.


  • Cellular shades have a top-down/bottom-up option, which will help you optimize the light in vs your own privacy. Keep the view of the mountains while lounging on the couch in your bathrobe!
  • Cellular shades have a cordless option, which makes them kid and pet-friendly!
  • Continuous cord loop is also an option with your cellular shades! This is a great option for your big windows.
  • Cellular shades come in many different fabrics and prints. They also come in a wide range of opacities, from blackout, to room darkening, and light filtering!
  • Cellular shades have the option to be motorized, which is great for all of your hard to reach windows.


Non-Woven Polyester Fabric
Our cellular fabric is a non-woven polyester. Benefits of this type of fabric are:

  • UV protection: almost 100% of harmful UV rays are blocked
  • Easy cleaning: durable, washable, dust-resistant. Your shade will not fray or fade.
  • Pleat retention: your shade retains its crisp look.
  • Color choices: hundreds of colors and styles available!
  • White on the outside: for a neutral curb-side appearance.
  • Compact stacking height: The crisp pleats raise to a small stack.

Hardware Options

The classic regular cord lock cell shade is a time-tested budget friendly option for your windows.

This take on a classic cell shade offers a child and pet friendly option. Without cords you don’t have to worry about your child or pet getting tangled up in them.

Do you have a wonderful view out your windows that you don’t want to block, but you still want the privacy that window coverings offer? Top-down-bottom-up shades might be the perfect option for you! You can lower the top down while keeping the bottom in place, giving you the view and privacy.

This shade offers all the options of a regular top-down bottom-up shade in a kid and pet friendly mechanisms. This way you won’t have to worry about children or pets getting tangled up in the cords!

This shade allows for two fabrics to be combined as one shade. Allowing you to get a more transparent look on the top for the day-time and a privacy look for night.

This shade has two separate shades on one headrail. Great for bigger windows!

The single continuous pull cord is a simple way to operate your cellular shade. This control type is perfect for larger windows.

An easy remote control operated option for your cellular shades. We us a Somfy motor with easy controls. This is a wonderful option for the out of reach windows. It also a great option for houses with children and pets.


More color options coming soon![sc name=”More Color Options”]


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