A look at motorization for your window coverings

Technology has brought a lot of convenience to the modern home. Nearly every aspect of your home can be automated to bring more efficiency and convenience to the way you live your life.

So, why should your window covering be any different? As Utah’s experts on motorized window coverings, we understand how they can be a positive addition to your home, including some reasons you may have not considered.

Here’s a look at what makes motorized window coverings so popular as a trend.

An intriguing use of modern high-tech

First, let’s talk about how they work. By installing motorized coverings, you can integrate the window coverings with smart home automation. There are high-tech motors that are used to synchronize multiple window treatments to open and close together.

In addition to this convenience at the push of a button, you can also create a customizable schedule to set your favorite positions throughout the day. This can take place with a remote, smartphone, tablet, or home automation system.

Why you should go with motorization

There are some clear advantages for a homeowner to install motorized coverings. Among them are these:

  • They help you use energy more efficiently: Using a timer to open and close your motorized shades can lead to more insulation in the winter. In the summer months, it can block out harmful UV rays. All of this leads to greater energy efficiency, no matter what season you are in.
  • They are less fuss: Wouldn’t it be great to raise, tilt, or lower your shades on a schedule, without having to adjust each shade to the position that you want? They are also great if you have a hard-to-reach window that would also need to be raised or lowered.
  • They can improve child and pet safety: Since they are operated using a smart device or a remote control, there is no need for a dangling cord. This reduces the potential hazards for your children as well as your pets.

The best price and selection in the state

If you have an interest in motorizing your window treatments, we can offer you many ideas and styles. Our window-covering experts will explain each option in detail during a free quote appointment. As they are available in shutter, blind, and shade options, there are also a lot of choices to consider. We want to work within your style preferences and budget, and we can find a solution that works best for your home.

Give us a call today to schedule a free in-home estimate at 801-692-2490. You can also visit us online to learn more about our wide range of coverings and treatments.