Keeping shades looking their best

A window covering can last for decades if you apply the right type of maintenance to it. The different techniques that you use to care for your window treatments are as varied as the styles from which you can choose.

This is especially true of shades. Because of their design, there are some specific cleaning and care plans you should follow to keep them looking as good as new. And, with different styles of shades within that window covering group, there are better methods for maintenance for each of those styles.

The good news is shades are easy to clean. Here are some details on what type of cleaning and maintenance works best for each shade style.

What makes shades so special

First, let’s talk about shades in general, and why they have always stayed popular. In many ways, they are a true hybrid: the functionality of a blind with the feel of draperies. Combine that duality with a convenient mode of operation and you have a versatile and strong addition to your home. 

Three different types of shades are roller, cellular, and Roman. Each of these styles has its own way of being maintained. Here’s a quick look at each:

Roller shades: Since this style is flat on the surface, roller shades can be easily wiped down or vacuumed regularly. Using the brush attachment on your vacuum or a damp cloth works best.

Cellular shades: Your vacuum’s brush attachment is also the best way to approach cellular shades, although it’s important to clean them gently so the fabric isn’t crushed or wrinkled. They are anti-static by nature, so really a light touch-up is all that is needed. If you have any debris in the cell portions of the shade, just use a compressed air can.

Roman shades: Again, the brush attachment is the winner here, although a slightly damp cloth can be used for any specific stains. Just be sure to blot the fabric completely to avoid watermarks on it. This gentle but effective method will help your Roman shade retain the shape that makes it so distinctive and elegant.

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