The top 5 reasons to chose child-safe window coverings

Thinking about what type of window covering would best suit your home goes beyond aesthetics or easy clean-up. Although both attributes are very important, safety should be at the forefront when purchasing with children in mind.

We want to make it easy for our customers to put kids first and upgrade to child-safe window coverings. Here are the main reasons why you should make this crucial choice.

Expert recommended
According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, nearly one child’s death per month is caused by entanglement in window covering cords. If this takes place, serious injury can occur in as little as 2 minutes. Additionally, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using cordless or motorized window coverings exclusively in rooms where children sleep or may be playing.

Easy operation
Cordless window coverings are simple enough for everyone in your family to safely open and close, even small children. Instead of opening and closing using a pull cord, they are either motorized with a wand or remote, or operated by simply raising or lowering the bottom rail. Plus, they are as adaptable and attractive in style as a cord-operated model.

Ideal for a clean look
Cordless treatments are an ideal choice if you are seeking an uncluttered and streamlined look. Removing dangling cords is a perfect on-trend solution for homeowners who appreciate a neat and simplistic style. Say goodbye to unsightly knots and tangled cords that must be pushed out of sight.

Versatility abounds
Going cordless does not mean you will be limited in choices for your blinds, shutters, or shades. Many styles and colors are available to fit almost any possible design scheme. You can also choose between different functions, as there are positives for both shutters and shades depending on how you want to control your home’s temperature.

All coverings have simple options
If you are more of a shutter person, then you are in luck – they are the original cord-free option and can still manipulate light well by simply rotating the louvers. Blinds and cellular shades have several different lift systems from which to choose. Last but not least, motorized options can help you adjust light by pushing a button.

Now’s a great time for a change-up 

From now through Oct. 31, we’re offering a special to make purchasing cordless coverings easier. This month, we offer a fifth roller shade for free when you buy four others. 

We want to make it easy for you to put kids first and support the nationwide Go Cordless for Kids child safety initiative. For more details, call us for a free quote at 801-692-2490 or visit our special website for the Go Cordless effort.