Holiday season decorating ideas that will wow your guests

The holidays have arrived and many families are prepping their homes for house guests. Whether it’s family gatherings or a party with close friends and business associates, lots of Utah residents are decorating their homes inside and out.

We can help you with the indoor preparations. Having great visuals but also keeping your house guests comfortable are the two priorities that you should be working on as you ready your home in early Winter. We want to share three different ways that window coverings can help create a festive vibe for your holiday preparations as well as bring comfort in 2024 and beyond!

Set the scene with automation

Create the perfect holiday ambiance and lighting through motorized window coverings. When you have this style of window treatment, you can open and close your shades or blinds at predetermined times. With the touch of a button, your home can be instantly transformed into a more warm and welcoming space. You can set the changes on a schedule to coordinate with all your holiday gatherings, or even with the lights that you have inside or outside of your home. Set it and forget it.

Darkening shades improve comfort

If you or your guests need a good night’s sleep to keep the visiting and good times rolling, consider using room-darkening shades in guest rooms. Room-darkening fabrics block between 95-to-99% of the light that may enter your room. Dual shades or day-and-night shades can offer the best of both worlds by combining a light-filtering shade on top and a room-darkening shade on the bottom. Both options will keep guests well-rested and comfortable for all of your upcoming festivities.

Keeping your windows warm

As the temperatures continue to stay consistently low during the winter months, you can keep everyone who enters your home warm by using insulated window coverings. Shutters and cellular shades offer the best insulation barriers for sealing up drafty windows. When you have the occasional sunny winter day, you can still open up your shades or shutters to let the sunshine in, helping to heat the inside of your home and saving energy. Having these types of coverings not only protects your home from heat loss at night but can provide energy savings all year round.

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