The Blindman Difference: Headrail

Deciding on a window covering company can be daunting. There are many companies promising that they have the best product at the best prices.  As a homeowner, it may be hard to decipher which company is going to deliver the product you want at a price you can afford. You may wonder then, what makes The Blindman different from all of the other window coverings companies?

Here at The Blindman, we take pride in our product. Since 1990, we have researched and tested all of the different blind and shutter components on the market, making sure that we are giving our customers only the best. Starting with the smallest component in the blind headrail, all the way to the pins in our shutters, we strive to deliver the best possible product available. Throughout the next series of blog posts we are going to explore the different components on our blinds, shades, and shutters. All of these posts will add up to show you “The Blindman Difference”. Why The Blindman should be your go-to window covering company.


The Blindman Difference: The Headrail


The Blindman offers a high profile – 2”x2” headrail, instead of the cheaper slim-line headrail which is usually about 1 ½”x2”.

High profile headrails are approximately 40% stronger than the slim-line style. Mainly because it has more surface on the side of the rail, similar to a floor truss, the taller it is, the stronger it is. This becomes critically important the larger the window span becomes.

This rotation of a 2” blind requires a 2” space to rotate symmetrically. Slim line headrails compromise the mechanisms because of the small amount of space.

We have developed a manufacturing process to have the barrel supports run smoothly together. The barrel support is the mechanism that controls the rotation of the blind slats. Traditional headrails use two square blocks turning together. We use two uniquely designed circular barrels that turn smoothly together. Using square barrel supports is like driving a car with square tires. It doesn’t work very well. This is what creates the clicking noise in blinds when you open and close it.

Our headrail enclosures are made out of “cold rolled” steel, not plastic like other blind companies. Steel will not sag and distort over time. It is much stronger.

The internal rod is a ¼” solid steel bar. This prevents twisting on longer blinds.

We use a unique pulley system to eliminate string on metal friction.

Stainless steel cord lock does not wear on the strings like the cheaper plastic version.

Ladder strings go through the headrail on rollers to prevent them from wearing on the edges of the opening.

Our ladder strings are 4-cross for strength. The industry standard is 2 strings.

We use #8 American made string because it doesn’t stretch like cheaper Chinese string.

We offer either a cord tilter or a wand tilter.