Going with soft shades: how they can transform your home

Many different types of window treatments are available to you, but one that never seems to lessen in popularity is the soft shade. The subtle shading and always-contemporary look can accent any home in an impactful way.

Two brands we carry offer soft shades, Color Lux from Comfortex and Hunter Douglas. Here’s a look at a few offerings from each that would be an interesting complement to your home.

Sheer Shades from Comfortex

This option can soften the sun’s glare with two layers of sheer fabric. There are more than 400 color choices here, while the bottom rail can improve privacy and block 38% more light than a traditional rail.

Roman Shades from Comfortex
This is even a more interesting option if you seek an unusual color – there are 800+ variations! You can also choose different fabric linings to better filter light or go into complete blackout mode.

Roller Shades from Comfortex
The rollers from this company come with Friction Fit, an easy mounting system that makes installation easy. You can also choose from five metallic finish options for your hardware.

Duette cellular shades from Hunter Douglas
These shades come with a feature called LightLock with a side-channel design that absorbs or deflects incoming light and prevents it from seeping into the room. Perfect for a movie viewing room!

Sonnette from Hunter Douglas
This is a great one for energy efficiency. The cellular design traps air to keep inside temperatures at a high comfort level, saving energy costs no matter the season.

Luminette from Hunter Douglas
This may be a great option if you have large panes of glass to cover. Luminette has fabric vanes and vertical sheer panels that open to illuminate a room, or can close up for the just-right amount of privacy.

Let your experts help you decide

No matter what you choose in shades, our goal is to help you get the desired effect. You could be updating your windows, moving into a new space, or renovating your current one.

Either way, our consultants can help you find what works best while keeping you on budget. Our specialists have been trained in every aspect of window coverings, and they can guide you through a custom selection of options that will speak to how you want your home presented.

No job is too distinctive – we can find the solution for the perfect accent for your room. To learn more, call us at (801) 692-2490, visit our showrooms, or visit our website.