Roller and Roman: A closer look at 2 types of shades

The more choices you have in home decor, the more likely you are to find that perfect touch that will make the rooms of your personal sanctuary an inviting and warm place to live. Variety is a huge feature of what you can find with shades.

From the classics to the contemporary, plenty of styles can fit in with what you want your rooms to look like. Two in particular — roller shades and Roman shades — have some standard features as well as some unique vibes that can really make a room sparkle.

Here’s a look at these two types of shades to sway your decision on what might work best for your home.

Roller shades: great for any style

Whether it’s a functional office setting or a showcase spot in your home, roller shades can be a great option. With hundreds of different color options, they can pull together different decor capably.

Roller shades are available in different opacities, from room-darkening to light-filtering. There are even “blackout” options that will let zero light in, which might be the answer to any privacy concerns you may have.

Rollers are also great for ease of use. You can order them in a cordless option or to be motorized, so they are convenient to open and close while also being safe for kids and pets.

Roman shades: a drapery feel with functionality

A drape’s soft look and stylish exterior can be found in the Roman shade variety. With many different fabrics or colors at your disposal, you can perfectly match your room’s decor with this option.

There are two very different styles of Roman shades – hobbled-fold, which is the conventional look you often see, and flat-panel, which is self-explanatory. Both offer distinctive looks for any room in your home.

If you have a large window to cover up, Roman shades may be the best idea. They are controlled on a continuous cord loop, which means they’ll be secured to the wall or window frame for stability and convenience.

If you don’t want a cord, that’s OK, too! Roman shades are also available in motorized form, ideal for controlling bigger light sources and windows higher up in a room. The cordless lift option is also available, a great kid-friendly choice.

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