The Truth About MDF

Many window-covering companies push a material called “MDF”, as opposed to its hardwood counterpart. MDF is an acronym for Medium Density Fiberboard. It contains a mixture of wood solids (wood broken down into wood fiber), wax and resin that are bonded together by extreme heat. It creates a wood-like product that is much cheaper than hardwood.

But aren’t MDF shutters just as durable as wood shutters?

Many  companies try to claim that MDF is just as durable as solid wood, and since it is much cheaper it makes them a very attractive option to consumers and businesses alike. While MDF does decrease the cost of shutters, the price that you pay in quality is too high. MDF is exponentially heavier than solid woods, which can eventually lead to the shutter panel sagging. Because MDF is virtually particleboard compressed together hairline fractures regularly appear in the shutter where the staples connect the tilt rod, or the hinges are connected. Over time these hairline fractures increase in size until it affects the usability of the shutter. MDF will also absorb moisture like a sponge, making the louvers swell and the paint bubble.

For all of these reasons The Blindman has decided to not carry a MDF shutter in our product line. Through our decades of knowledge that we have gained through manufacturing and selling window coverings The Blindman strives to only produce the best possible products available.


All of The Blindman’s window coverings are covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty. We stand behind our products 100%