What are the most popular styles for window coverings in ’23?

Everyone wants their home to be stylish, but what are the most popular styles for window coverings in 2023? One impactful way you can bring the latest trends into your rooms throughout your house is with your window coverings. It’s a change you can make to your home that also plays an important function as you insulate and control the light in each room.

If you are in the market for new window coverings, three trends have become top on the list for consumers this year. Here’s a look at these exciting developments in window treatments.

Going natural

The stark but brilliant whites aren’t as popular as they have been in years past. The trending colors this year are beige and ivory. This more neutral look can be paired with powder peach or a light blue to bring out the natural colors in your home. Trending materials are leaning natural, like organic cotton or linen roller shades or woven wood becomes a part of your roman shades.

Getting your motor running

The big tech trend is motorized window coverings. They have become more popular as each year passes by and smart home technology gets even more sophisticated. These are also great for energy efficiency. As costs for everything seem to spiral up, having a way to control natural light automatically can be a real money saver.

Bring on the layers

Layers are for more than just your clothes in the winter months. If you want more depth in a room, consider mixing and matching different treatments, including shades, curtains and blinds. It can give your room a distinctive, personal touch and greatly balance functionality with a sophisticated look. The more subtle, the better, and it’s easy to create shades that match the current styles.

Get some expert advice

We’d love to help you find the best window treatments for your unique home life. You could be updating your windows, moving into a whole new space, or renovating the space you have now. Our consultants can help you find what works best while keeping you on budget.

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