Why basswood is the best for your shutters

If you are looking for a beautiful window covering option that will make heads turn, consider hardwood shutters. Handcrafted from 100% solid wood, they are made in Utah by skilled craftsmen who can create options that speak to your home’s aesthetic.

Available in a large selection of paints and stains, hardwood shutters can exquisitely match your home’s decor and lend a natural beauty that will be loved for years to come.

We wanted to give you more details on what makes hardwood shutters so special, specifically the type of wood used. It provides insight into why this type of window treatment has been so coveted over the years.

The straight scoop on basswood

Basswood has been adopted as the preferred species for crafting shutters. One of the biggest reasons is that basswood has the best combination of desirable traits among other hardwood styles. It’s one of the straightest hardwoods and features a uniform texture and indistinct grain pattern. This lends itself to superior versatility in staining and painting. The lighter wood grain makes staining more diverse, even more so than woods such as alder or cherry.

Basswood also has non-porous close grains, which means they resist moisture and warping better than open wood grains. This means you have unparalleled resilience even with a furniture-grade wood source.

Lasting durability for your home

Even though it has a light profile, Basswood has a greater strength-to-weight ratio than any other shutter material on the market. This combination of lightweight and strength means your shutters stay up with less hinge fatigue and can withstand wider panels, longer louver sizes, and less framing. You won’t need a bulky support system, so you get a clean and classic look.

Unlike manufactured woods, basswood won’t lose its laminate — or crack, sag, or swell — when exposed to direct sunlight. Yes, engineered woods are cheaper to produce for home shutters, but you’ll have more tendency to contract, twist, and warp with those types of woods. You’ll also avoid glue breakdowns, splitting, and cracks in the stain or paint with basswood.

Shutters can help you beat the heat

For now, through Aug. 31, we’re offering 20% off our selection of hardwood plantation shutters that use basswood, which is our exclusive choice for every 100%-wooden shutter we make. It’s a great time to take advantage of the energy efficiency that is offered by this terrific choice.

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