Why shutters might be the best choice for your home

When considering what might make the best investment for your home regarding window treatments, think about shutters. One of the higher-standard products for windows, shutters have been popular for generations of Utah homeowners.

If you are seeking elegance, shutters are also a great choice with their classic wood finishes (even if they aren’t made from wood entirely) and modern lines that accent any home to the fullest extent.

We wanted to share several reasons shutters would make a great addition to any home, adding value to your property and making a great aesthetic statement to those who visit.

Versatility in action 

Our signature Blindman products are designed to match the finishes around your home. This includes windows with unusual shapes or custom-trim color matching. The goal is to adhere to various frame styles with quality craftsmanship.

An investment that lasts a lifetime

One specific part of ordering shutters – they become a fixed part of the home and not just an accessory. This automatically adds to your home’s resale value, with a huge curb appeal benefit as an extra.

Insulation at their core
We construct our shutters with a self-insulating design, which can keep either heat or cooling costs down depending on the season. This adds to savings in the long run and may even double your overall budget savings by lowering climate costs for your home.

Controlling the flow of light

Louver sizes and tilt rods can easily adjust the light a room receives at any given time. The wider the louver, the better the view outside, letting in optimal sunlight. Rods can then darken the room for more privacy.

Cleaning is a snap
It’s very easy for shutters to be maintained and cleaned. All it usually takes is just an occasional dusting. If there are any spills or splatters to be had, shutters can be wiped clean to keep them looking as great as when they were first handcrafted and delivered to your residence.

We bring excellent quality to your window treatments 

Whether shutters, blinds or shades, you can trust The Blindman to deliver quality craftsmanship and unmatched customer service. We’ve been building innovative, technically advanced and efficient solutions since 1990, which has helped us become Utah’s largest customer window covering manufacturer.

If you’re interested in something new – but with a classic feel – for your home, our knowledgeable sales representatives can visit your home and show you what we have to offer, with a no-obligation estimate provided right on the spot. Find out more by visiting our website or calling 801-692-2490.