5 Reasons Hardwood Shutters are the Best Shutters on the Market!

5 Reasons Hardwood Shutters are the Best Shutter on the Market

There has long been a misconception that poly or vinyl shutters are better than premium hardwood shutters. There are many window coverings companies that push their faux wood shutters for many different reasons, usually to cut the cost of manufacturing. While poly shutters are superior in instances where the shutters are going to have to withstand moisture, in almost every other scenario a hardwood shutter is the better choice. Here are five reasons why a hardwood shutter is the right shutter for you.

  • Hardwood shutters instantly increase the value of your home. Think of putting hardwood shutters in like you do brand new cabinets or a nice new wood floor. Adding custom wood work into your home not only looks amazing but it makes it so your home is worth more. Not to mention the beauty and curb appeal they bring!
  • Less maintenance: Hardwood shutters do not create the static electricity that poly and vinyl shutters do. Because of that, hardwood shutters do not attract as much dust as their non-wood counterparts. This means that they do not need to be cleaned as often, and they are easier to clean. Take a swiffer type brush or a micro fiber cloth and run it over the louvers every once in a while, and that will keep your shutters looking like new for years to come.
4.5″ Hidden Tilt Rod Shutters in Bright White
  • Hardwood Shutters do not weigh as much as their non-wood counter parts. This means they can span longer distances without the threat of sagging. There is also less strain put on the hinges, resulting in fewer repairs. Hardwood shutters have the highest strength to weight ratio of any shutter on the market.

    Poly or vinyl shutters are not a strong enough material on their own, which is why when it is manufactured there are things that have to be added to the shutter to help with the durability. Such as an aluminum core and/or a poly-carbonate rod to the louvers to help make them stronger. Whereas hardwood shutters are a pure product that are independently strong.
  • Hardwood shutters can be shaped to fit almost any window shape. Because of the flexibility of the wood, they can be shaped to fit: ovals, octagons, arches, half rounds, and a plethora of other shapes.
3.5″ Hidden Tilt Rod Arch Top Shutters
  • Because of the nature of hardwood, it can be painted or stained to match any décor. We are able to do custom stain and paint matches on our hardwood shutters. And they never look like plastic or feel like plastic, because they aren’t.
4.5″ Shutters in Black

For these reasons, and many more, Hardwood Shutters are by far the best shutter on the market. There are many companies who will push their poly shutters or a manufactured wood shutter because they are cheaper and easier to manufacture. They are also much easier to mass-produce, being shipped in from over seas in most cases. While each of our handcrafted Hardwood Shutters are custom built in our factory in Lindon, Utah, by skilled craftsman who have been working with shutters for decades. For the product that will last the longest, and look the absolute best in years to come, hardwood shutters are the way to go.


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