Hardwood or Vinyl Composite shutters — which is right for you?

Do you love the idea of installing plantation shutters in your home but can’t decide between hardwood or Vinyl Composite shutters? Check out our complete shutter guide to help you compare Hardwood, MDF, and Vinyl Composite Shutters. 

Shutters offer a ton of great perks. They’re beautiful and have a timeless look that matches any décor. They can also help keep you comfortable year-round by providing additional insulation to your windows and can increase the value of your home in an appraisal. Shutters also do not have control cords, making them a safe option for homes with pets and children.

1. Hardwood vs. MDF Shutters

Our hardwood shutters are handcrafted in Lindon, Utah, and built with wood from the Basswood tree. We use a pure seasoned hardwood that is light, easy to work with, durable and adds long-lasting natural beauty to your home. The Blindman does not use engineered hardwood; this type of wood is constructed from pieces of particleboard compressed to create a less expensive wood-like product.

Many companies claim that Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is just as durable as solid wood. However, the lower cost also comes with much lower quality and durability. For starters, MDF is heavier than solid wood, leading to sagging in the shutter panel. Hairline fractures also often occur in MDF where the staples connect the tilt rod or in places where the hinges are attached.

Another issue: MDF readily absorbs moisture, resulting in swelling and bubbling of the shutters. We don’t carry MDF products because of the quality and durability issues. Our locally-crafted hardwood shutters are a superior product in every way.

2. Vinyl Composite Shutters

Our Vinyl Composite Shutters are an excellent option for areas that come in contact with moisture—constructed to combine a wood core and a vinyl shell to create a moisture-resistant barrier.

In addition, our shutters are popular among budget-conscious homeowners because they can provide the rich look of hardwood shutters while withstanding high moisture areas in bathrooms, kitchens, or other humid areas or climates.

The Blindman’s custom Vinyl Composite Shutters have solid poly components — we don’t sell hollow vinyl or vinyl-wrapped shutters as some other companies do.

Partial or hollow vinyl products aren’t durable and tend to yellow, crack or swell. So instead, our shutter components are extruded using the proven “free-foam” method to create unsurpassed strength and endurance that rivals the performance of hollow or vinyl-wrapped shutters.

We know window coverings are essential for making your house a home. So call us today to schedule a free in-home estimate at (801) 692-2490 or visit our showroom at 750 N. 2800 West in Lindon, Utah.