Best window treatment options for renters

Let’s face it. Most rentals don’t come with great window treatment options for renters. At best, you might have those flimsy plastic blinds that always seem to bend, warp and look cheap. That doesn’t exactly scream adult sophistication.

After all, you don’t want to look like you’re living in a college dorm anymore.

The last thing many renters think they can do is swap out window treatments, but it may surprise you that there are actually tons of great ways to upgrade your temporary space without leaving huge wall damage. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your space. 


Command Hooks: If you’re a renter, you probably already have a few of these lying around. They’re great for hanging posters, picture frames, hooks, and, yes, curtains! Because these come in various sizes and finishes, they’re an excellent option for lightweight curtains in any window. The brand even offers hooks in metal tones, like brass and silver, which can look just as good as permanent fixtures.

Simply add one to each side of your window. Then, add a curtain rod for a quick and easy tool-free install. That’s it!

If you have curtain rods with brackets that would normally screw into the wall, you can use command Velcro strips instead of screws, too. The Velcro strips can hold much more weight! They’re a good option for heavier curtains, too.

Tension rods: You’re probably familiar with these, even if you don’t know it. For example, many shower curtains use tension rods. These are great options because they can fit almost any window size. You simply pull the rod if you need a longer length. In addition, the rubber stoppers provide a firmer hold and won’t damage any paint.

Again, these are best for light to mid-weight curtain fabrics. But all you need to do is slide on your favorite curtain and pop the rod into the window. Tada!

You can also opt for Twist & Fit Curtain Rods. These work similarly to tension rods, but they come with a rod and faux mount as an added benefit. These look most like traditional wall-mounted curtain rods and can be a bit more elegant. They also tend to hold more weight, making them a good choice for thicker-weight curtains.

Magnetic Curtain Rods: This is a great option if you have steel doors or steel-framed windows. These don’t work with wood or sliding glass doors since they need a metal surface to magnetize to, but they’re just as simple to install as the above options.

Go traditional: If these temporary options don’t work for your needs, you can still opt for traditional blinds. Many models have minimal installation and are held in place with a few screws. This will leave some noticeable holes when you move, but many apartment complexes or rental homes chalk up small damage like this as normal wear-and-tear. Best of all, you can take your window treatments with you. You may want to check with your apartment manager first; however. But they may give you the A-OK to swap out window treatments!

Whether you’re a renter or know someone who needs a window upgrade, we can help. Our specialists can help you choose the right window treatment option for you—no matter what that space is! We also measure and install, making the process even easier! 

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