Four simple updates to spruce up your living space

Spring is a great time for a home refresh. Whether you recently moved into a brand new home or an older home that you want to remodel and make your own, there’s never a wrong time to spruce things up and create a better living environment. On that note, here are a few quick tips for refreshing your home without breaking the bank.

4 Quick Tips To Refresh Your Home:

1. Add a fresh coat of paint

A simple fresh coat of paint can take a room from drab to fab. Consider adding a punch of color to an accent wall or touching up your trim with a clean coat of white paint. The 2022 Sherwin-Williams color of the year is Evergreen Fog and it is a great way to incorporate natural hues inside the home.

2. Create open space

While you can’t always tear down walls to create the open floor plan you dream of (although that’s always an option), there are ways to create the illusion of additional space. First, think of lots of bright, natural light. Use natural light to your advantage by placing mirrors strategically in the room – like across from open windows. Hanging mirrors can help create the illusion of a bigger space. You can also replace bulky furniture with smaller pieces to provide more open space within the room. If you have a piece of furniture that takes up lots of space, but you can’t get rid of it (like a dresser) consider painting it the same color as the walls of the room. This helps the furniture blend in, so it isn’t as noticeable.

3. Add new lighting

Having proper lighting can really bring a room to life. Brightly lit rooms are open, airy, and welcoming. Whether you keep it simple with floor lamps, or go all out and replace your ceiling fixtures – you can really modernize your home with plenty of bright lights.

4. Update window treatments

As you know by now, lighting plays a crucial role when it comes to interior design. Creating an open, well-lit interior makes your home feel brighter and more comfortable. Often, windows are overlooked, but they shouldn’t be. Windows beg to be dressed. By leaving your windows bare or bland you’re missing out on a spectacular way to decorate. You can find window treatments that perfectly suit your style and taste. One great idea for updating your windows is roller shades – they have a simple, modern design and they’re easy to use. Updating your window treatments can transform your home’s design aesthetic to give it a refreshing new look and feel.

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