How to maintain your home’s style and curb appeal with your windows

The windows on the front of your home play a large part in maintaining your home’s style and curb appeal. They are the eyes into and out of your house.

Windows that match the style of your home, and other exterior best practices, can turn the exterior of your home into a head-turner. Having good curb appeal can not only increase the pride you have in your own home but help those homeowners who are looking to sell. Let’s explore a few ideas to maintain your home’s style and curb appeal by updating your windows.

3 Tips To Maintain Your Home’s Style & Curb Appeal: 


1. Maintain or update the paint on window panes

Be sure no paint is peeling off. Add a new coat of paint if needed. Instead of adding one layer of paint after another, make sure you sand down frames and you’re painting on a smooth surface. This simple step will make a huge difference in the look of your home.

Updating the paint colors of your home could also help give the front of your home a makeover. Highlight your windows by painting them contrasting colors that fit the color scheme of your home. For example, black window trims look great against a white home exterior or green against cream. Use semigloss or gloss exterior paint to make your windows stand out.

2. Be consistent with window treatments

Make sure all the window treatments facing the outside of your house are consistent across all the windows. Nothing will stand out like a sore thumb more than mismatched and clashing blinds or shades. Adding a liner to your roman shades that faces the exterior or utilizing a reverse color on your roller shades will help you maintain the look you want on the inside and outside of your home.

For a bonus and symmetrical look, make sure your window treatments are all in the same position. For example, make sure shades are lowered to the same length, drapes are pulled back in the same position, and all shutters are opened the same amount.

3. Utilize flower boxes and landscaping to complement your windows

Landscaping adds a lot to your home, so why not bring that to your windows? Adding window boxes full of flowers will add a burst of color to your windows and the exterior of your home. Make sure your landscaping highlights and complements your windows by placing trees and decorative shrubs around your windows to frame them.

All in all, maintaining your home’s style and curb appeal with these quick window updates can quickly make a big improvement to the exterior view of your home. If you want to make sure your window treatments complement your home, our industry expert consultants can work with you to find the perfect match for your style and budget preferences. Give us a call at 801-692-2490 to schedule a free quote today!

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