Tips for bringing the outside inside

The last few years have drastically changed how we live our lives and we’re spending more time within our home than ever before. Because of these lifestyle changes, it’s clear that many people are turning toward outside inspiration for home elements. This has been a dominant theme for many of the style trends we’re seeing, especially when it comes to window coverings. In this article, we highlight a few suggestions that can make your home a little more “natural.”

Say Yes to Plants and Flowers

The easiest way to include nature in your home is with potted plants and fresh flowers. Some people even incorporate trees in their interior design by placing them in large planters or building additions around trees that are already on site. Include fresh accents everywhere you can, even in your bathrooms and kitchen. Many plants thrive in humid environments and others take little maintenance. By doing some online research, you can find plants that align with your lifestyle and design aesthetic.

Earthy Fabrics and Textures

It’s becoming increasingly more common for homeowners to incorporate earthy elements. Natural wood elements mixed with neutral hues are being combined to create a calming and natural vibe. Favored because of their simplicity, roller shades are expected to be a popular window covering trend in 2022. To complement your natural home, even more, these shades are available in a variety of colors, textures, and hardware options, making them an ideal choice for homes of all shapes and sizes. Natural fabrics and colors are also trending in terms of paint, seating and accent pieces.

Incorporate Woodgrain and Stone

Another strategy for bringing nature indoors is to use materials such as stone or wood in your home’s interior decor. This can be done with flooring, accents, countertops, or window treatments. Provenance Woven Wood Roman Shades create an organic look and feel. The natural woven woods and reeds give these shades an organic texture and rustic appearance.

Let Natural Light In

To feel reinvigorated and refreshed, it’s important to have a bright home with lots of sunlight. Natural light is especially important if you want to decorate with plants and trees. Installing the right window treatments can help brighten up your space during the daytime and provide additional privacy at night.

If you want to invite the outdoors into the indoors of your home, try incorporating sheer shades that let the right amount of light in and allow you to take in the beauty of your backyard. Pirouette & Silhouette shades with ClearView® fabrics are a great options for windows with a view.

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