Window treatments to keep your home warm this winter

Winter is officially here, and those cold temperatures can mean a significant spike in energy bills. The colder it is, the harder your heating system must work to maintain a warm temperature indoors. And unfortunately, many homes are not well insulated. Window treatments are a great solution to keep your home warm during the winter months.

Even if you have well-insulated windows, warm indoor air can escape the crevices in your windows or through the window panes themselves. In fact, about 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows.

Some people resort to plastic or temporary covers to keep the cold air out; however, more stylish and long-term solutions are available.

Using energy efficient shades, shutters and curtains can help you save energy this winter. These inexpensive options help regulate the temperature in your home. The result? Lower bills and a warmer, cozier, and more stylish home. Energy efficient window coverings can even help keep your home cooler during the summer! Here’s how:

1. Shades

Shades are a great way to insulate your home in the winter. One of the ways shades insulate your home is by trapping a layer of air between the shades and the window. This essentially seals your windows so your home’s warm air can’t escape through that barrier. The best options for optimal energy savings are cellular, roller or roman shades. These window covering options are non-slated, so air cannot pass through as easily, creating an effective seal.

Another fun fact about shades is that they can also absorb sunlight during the day. Light-colored shades absorb the most heat, but some shades are made specifically for this task. Our Cellular shades are always the best option for insulation from the heat or cold with the highest R-value of all our other shades. The honeycomb air pockets in Cellular shades are designed to trap hot or cold air drafts. This creates a very effective insulation barrier for the colder winter months and decreases heat loss by 40% or more!

Tip: No matter which shades you choose, on sunny winter days, open your shades to let the sunshine into your home. This can help heat the inside of your home by using the warmth of the sun. Before the sun sets, close your shades to keep the warm air from the sun trapped inside.

Remember to opt for cordless shades, especially if you have pets or young children. These options offer the same energy-saving solution without any risk of injury.

2. Shutters

White Shutters

Plantation shutters are also a great cost-efficient option. This solid wood option has become popular in many homes throughout the U.S., because of its stylish and elegant look. And because they’re made of wood, they provide a thicker barrier against the cold than fabric curtains or shades. Shutters can help retain up to 50% of internal heat by creating a solid interlocking barrier to the cold air when closed, limiting the amount of heat that can pass through window panes and insulate against cold outdoor air.

3. Curtains


Curtains or Drapes are another great way to insulate your home by providing a great insulation barrier against the cold winter air. On average, drapes and heavy curtains can prevent up to 10% of the heating loss. Insulated drapes, however, have been shown to prevent up to 33% of heat loss, according to Consumer Reports. There are also endless options for fabrics, textures, colors and styles. Of course, it’s easy to change your drapes or curtains by season, as well.
For winter, choose curtains that are made of thick, heavyweight material, such as velvet, denim, or suede. You can also choose to layer your drapes for another energy-efficient option. For this, opt for a lighter curtain material closest to the window and a heavier outer curtain option. You can also choose a curtain with a curtain liner. The layered curtains create a tighter air space to keep cool outside air from coming indoors, which allows the protected inside curtain to maintain the cozy room temperature. Tip: Like shades, make sure to close curtains during the night and open them during the day. Much like shades, this helps heat your home with the day’s sun and keep the cooler temps out at night.

Need help choosing the right option?

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