Tips for saving money on cooling your house this summer

With summer in full swing, many of us are desperately looking for ways to save money on our AC bills. If you’ve stepped outside in the last few weeks, you know it’s HOT. Even if you haven’t stepped outside, you may already know because you’ve been slowly decreasing the temperature on your thermostat to keep your house cool. Continually turning down your AC will cause it to run overtime during the hot summer months. Unfortunately, the comfort of a cold home comes with a hefty electric bill cost.

Don’t get stuck with increased electric bills; take advantage of these money-saving tips for cooling your house this summer:


1. Install Window Coverings

Just like you would put sunscreen on to protect yourself if you’re out in the sun all day, you should protect your house with blinds or shades to keep it cool throughout the day. Installing insulated window coverings can provide significant energy savings during the hot summer by adding an extra layer of protection against the elements. Specifically, our window covering experts suggest shutters or cellular shades as the best insulators. Keeping these window coverings closed throughout the day prevents heat from entering your home and absorbing unwanted heat.

2. Utilize Fans

Utilize fans throughout hot rooms. Ceiling fans or free-standing fans can make the temperature feel six to seven degrees cooler. Combine the fans with turning down the temperature on your thermostat by a few degrees, and you’ll see immediate savings.

3. Use Smart Technology

Install smart technology throughout your house, including a Smart Thermostat. Automated technology will help you manage the temperature in your home according to your schedule and can be monitored using your cell phone. As a result, you can easily keep temperatures higher when you’re away and cool the house off before you get home. You can also utilize automated technology in your shades, opening and closing them automatically to adjust for the moving sun without the inconvenience of opening and closing them throughout the day.

4. Change Air Filters Often

Change your indoor air filters so your AC runs at optimal performance. A dirty air filter can make it difficult for your AC to run and push cool air into your home. It’s best to replace air filters every six weeks to three months to keep your indoor air clear and your energy costs at a minimum.

If you want to find window coverings that work best for cooling your home, our window coverings experts can guide you through a custom selection of window coverings tailored to your home’s style preferences and budget.

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