Why should you automate your window coverings?

These days our homes are filled with automation. According to Pew Research Center, 85% of Americans own a smartphone. On top of that, Amazon Echo, the most prominent smart speaker in U.S. households, has more than 46.5 million users, and that’s only one device. We ask our smart devices and speakers to tell us the temperature, convert tablespoons to teaspoons, and turn on the TV, so why don’t we ask them to open the blinds?

Automating your window coverings is one of the best smart home decisions. Here’s why.

First, the cordless design of automated window coverings makes them safer for children and pets. Dangling cords, especially ones featuring a loop, can be a suffocation hazard for children or pets who become entangled in them. Motorized window coverings operate using a button or a smart device, eliminating the need for a potentially-hazardous cord.

Another reason to upgrade to automated window coverings is that they boost your home’s energy efficiency through insulation and light control. Schedule your window coverings to automatically open and close at optimal times throughout the day to increase your home’s insulation. Alternately, this will also decrease the heat exposure from the strongest UV rays in the summer. In addition, this schedule can help you maximize lighting efficiency and lower your monthly utility bill. Bonus: this can also help protect your furniture from fading by controlling when and how much light the room receives.

Finally, automated window coverings are convenient. You can raise, lower, and tilt your shades whenever you want. By programming them on a schedule, you won’t have to get up to adjust them manually throughout the day. An additional benefit of this schedule is utilizing your blinds to wake you up more naturally. For example, you can automate your window coverings to keep your room as dark as possible at night and then set them to gradually open in the morning to slowly wake you up.

At The Blindman, we always strive to ensure you have the window coverings you love. We’re proud to have a wide variety of motorized window coverings with smart home automation integrations. Our Window Covering Experts can help you find the perfect match for motorized window coverings that fit your budget, personal style, and decorating goals if you’re ready to leap.

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