Best window coverings to beat the heat

Many people don’t realize window coverings do more than just provide privacy and block the sun from your eyes. If you can believe it, they can also have a significant impact on lowering your energy bills. By blocking sun rays entering your home during the hot summer months, your window coverings work overtime when you keep them closed during the day. Beat the heat this summer by installing window coverings that help block those rays and help you with energy savings.

Some window covering choices are better for insulation than others, and the direction your windows face can also help determine which are best. If you didn’t know, south and west-facing windows get the most sunlight throughout the day, causing those rooms to heat quickly. Since each home is different, we recommend scheduling a free in-home quote where you can also get advice on which window coverings will best suit your home and specific needs.

However, we’ll share our top window covering types that help insulate and save money on your electric bill.


  • Shutters: Shutters are made with solid wood, which creates an insulated barrier between the sun and your home, protecting it from the elements by blocking external UV rays from penetrating through your windows. When closed, shutters are interlocked, creating an excellent barrier and blocking the heat from entering your home.
  • Cellular Shades: These shades were developed to insulate the home by trapping hot or cold air pockets within the fabric cells. This innovative insulation strategy creates a barrier between your windows and your home, making them the ideal shades for extreme hot or cold climates.

In addition to insulating benefits, both of these window coverings can provide great views of the outdoors when they’re open–giving you the best of both worlds. Shutters have the added benefit of adding curb appeal to your home, increasing your home’s value which means you’ll get a great return on investment if you choose that option. Alternatively, cellular shades provide versatility with a wide range of colors, fabrics and textures and the option for layering with drapery.

No matter which style you prefer, you’re sure to love the updated look they add to your home and the money they help you save on your energy bills.

If you’re looking for the best-insulated window coverings for your home, reach out to our Window Covering Experts at (801) 692-2490 or by visiting one of our showrooms in Lindon or St. George.