Tips to stay cool this summer

The summer months seem to be extra hot this summer. Many places across the United States are experiencing quite the heat wave, and it’s been harder to beat the heat this summer. Air conditioners are working overtime to keep up, but the great news is there are some other great tips to keep yourself and your home cool this summer. Before you turn to standing in front of your freezer for hours, try out these tips:

  1. Keep your blinds closed. While we all enjoy a bit of sunshine throughout the day, the rays coming through the windows are heating your home. By keeping your blinds closed, especially in north and west-facing windows, you can block out harsh sun rays and lower the amount of heat entering your home.
  2. Adjust ceiling fans. Many people don’t realize that fans rotate both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Make sure your fan is spinning counter-clockwise to push air straight down, helping create a cooling effect. If your fan is operating clockwise, it’s pulling the cool air up, which is great for the wintertime.
  3. Chose breathable fabrics. Wool or silk sheets are great for the cooler months when you’re trying to stay warm, but for the hot summer months, you’ll want to choose cotton sheets for your bed to keep cool. You’ll also want to pick cotton or other breathable fabrics in light colors for personal dress.
  4. Seal gaps in your doors and windows. The cool air could leak out of your home if you haven’t correctly sealed your doors and windows. Ensure all the doors and windows throughout your house are properly sealed.
  5. Block the heat with window coverings. Some window coverings are specifically made to help your home stay insulated. Shutters and cellular shades are great options to keep the heat out of your home during the summer. Shutters create an insulated barrier between your home and the windows, while cellular shades have a unique and effective insulation strategy of trapping hot or cold air pockets within the fabric cells. These window coverings can also help insulate your home in the winter.

If you’re interested in updating your window coverings to help with the heat efficiency of your home and keeping the heat out, call our window covering experts at (801) 692-2490. As Utah’s premier window covering provider, we can ensure your home is outfitted with the right window coverings to match your home’s style and to insulate your home against the heat.