Prepping your home for winter visitors

The frost is here! Wintertime means great times with family and friends, as your home likely becomes a stop during the holiday season for fun times and great conversation (and probably some great food, too!).

It can also be a time for you to switch things up as far as that decor goes, and the window treatments can be one area where that can be very effective. Here’s a look at what window treatments can do to create the right ambiance for you and your family this winter.

Home Preparation Window Covering Tips for Winter Gatherings

Automation sets the scene 

Timing the opening and closing of a motorized window covering can bring the most impactful lighting to any room. Depending on what times you want to close or open the window covering, you’ll be able to create the right feel for a room during wintertime.

With a touch of a button, you can make your space more welcoming and warm. You can also easily set the opening and closing to a schedule. This means coordination with holiday gatherings or even with the outside holiday lights.

Bring comfort to the forefront with shades

If you have someone staying in your guest rooms, one of the greatest gifts you can give them is a good night’s rest. That’s helped if you have room-darkening shades in those rooms. Certain fabrics block around 95% of the natural light when used at their peak.

There are also dual or day-and-night shades, where you can use a light-filtering shade on top and a room-darkening shade on the bottom. It can keep guests feeling comfortable and well-rested during the holiday season.

Warm the room with the help of insulated coverings

Using insulated coverings such as shutters and cellular shades offers the best insulation barriers for sealing up drafty windows. It’s also a great source of protection from heat loss as well as energy savings in the summer months as well.

Curtains with thick, heavyweight material such as denim, suede or velvet can also be good insulators. You can consider layering drapes as well to boost energy efficiency, as they create a tighter air space to keep cool weather outside.

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