How shutters and blinds help create a holiday to remember

As winter weather invades your area, it becomes time to think about ways to insulate your home more efficiently. Heating your home to a comfortable temperature will bring comfort to your family and house guests during the colder months. 

The window treatments you decide to use could have a big impact on your heating costs. You’ll have holiday visitors, no doubt, and making sure that the shades or blinds are drawn at specific times to keep heat in the home is very important this time of year.

Here are some suggestions on what types of window coverings might be best for wintertime use:

Black-out shades

If insulating your home is a high priority, consider room-darkening shades. They are inherently built to trap air between the window and the shade itself. If you prefer shades, go with cellular, roller or Roman shades. These are non-slated, which means that air can’t pass as effectively through them.

Specialized room-darkening shades can be especially effective. Certain fabrics block around 95% of the natural light when used at their peak. There are also dual or day-and-night shades, where you can use a light-filtering shade on top and a room-darkening shade on the bottom.

Plantation shutters

Shutters can be another great option for you for wintertime. Solid wood shutters are still in vogue, and the solid wood material is another great barrier against the cold. Shutters can help retain more than 50% of internal heat by creating a solid interlocking barrier to cold air. It’s another way for the air to be trapped between the pane and the shutter itself.

Automated shades

Is it time for you to consider some smart-home technology? If so, give it a try with motorized shades. With a touch of a button, you can make your space more welcoming and warm. It’s also easier to open and close the shades with a set schedule, adding convenience to these hectic winter times.

Another great way to save on energy bills by scheduling shades to open during cold winter afternoons and take advantage of the sunlight’s warmth. It’s also a great option if security and safety are concerns, as you can bring adequate privacy to your dwelling while also making it safe for the kids with no cords to operate.

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