Ditch the cord: The Benefits of Cordless Window Coverings

Trying to limit or eliminate the hazards of the home from your children is a high priority for every parent. It is important to consider the benefits of Cordless Window Coverings as part of the child-proofing process.  There is one clear way that you can do this: install cordless window treatments.

The Blindman specializes in cordless window coverings — and it’s especially a priority for us during Widow Covering Safety Month in October. Here’s a look at how you can benefit from removing all corded-operating systems from your windows.

How can Window Coverings be dangerous?

According to the Window Covering Safety Council, dangling adjustment window covering cords can be dangerous for small children if they play with them, since they can easily become entangled with the cord. If your window covering cords have loops, it can be particularly harmful and dangerous for small children and pets.

A solution to mitigate this strangulation hazard is to choose cordless window treatments and styles. There are many trending cordless window covering types: roller shades, cellular shades and roman shades. They can be installed in either cordless or motorized options. Some blinds can be motorized or cordless. Shutters are also a good option since it functions completely cord-free.

Motorized window coverings are controlled with a remote, app, or smart home system. Removing tempting dangling cords and wands that can be confused as playthings, will greatly reduce the child-safety risk of traditional window treatments.

The Benefits of Cordless Window Coverings

There are many reasons why finding a cordless window covering option can be the safest for your family, and it goes beyond just that safety element. Here’s a look at what you can expect:

Easy operation: Anyone in your family, once they are taught, can open and close cordless window coverings. Most cordless blinds/shades open and close using the bottom rail; simply pull down to close and push up to open. We also have wand-operated cordless options as well as several different motorized options.

A clean aesthetic: Modern styles demand uncluttered, streamlined look. No more tangled cords or hard-to-navigate knots to deal with.

Versatility: There’s more than one cordless option, not only in style but also in color scheme. Bringing together safety and style is infinitely possible with the cordless option.

Safety at a great price

From now through Oct. 31, The Blindman is offering a special to make purchasing cordless coverings easier. We are offering 20% off all child-safe products, including blinds, shutters, motorization and shades.

We want to make it easy for you to put kids first and support the Go Cordless for Kids child safety initiative that’s happening nationwide.

To get more details, call us for a free quote at 801-692-2490, or visit our www.theblindman.com to ditch the cord and Go Cordless today!