Childproofing your windows: a how-to guide

October is National Window Covering Safety Month. It’s an ideal time to make sure the window coverings you use are as safe as possible for children. There are several child safety hazards related to window coverings that can be easily mitigated. With a few careful changes and general child safety awareness, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your home is safe for everyone who lives in it.

We’ve gathered together some great tips from both our own child safety website as well as the Window Covering Association of America. The WCAA offers a wealth of information on the topic, which will empower you to make a plan to be prepared for future safety needs.

Simple window coverings safety tips for any homeowner

Here are six of the most common items to check with blinds, drapes or other coverings for your windows.

  • Be sure all window coverings are properly installed. Work with a business that trains its teams on how to best install coverings for safety.
  • Always keep windows closed and locked when small children are in the room.
  • Do not place furniture, including beds and cribs, near windows.
  • Never allow anything to dangle into a crib or a bed.
  • Never allow long window covering pull cords to lie on the floor next to the window.
  • Choose the cordless window covering option whenever possible.

Choose safe window treatments options

There are some other considerations the WCAA recommends that make a difference in the safety of your home.

  • Choose shorter window treatments instead of flowing curtains or drapes. These include roller shades, roman shades and shutters.
  • Work with safety-conscious adjustment methods, which include wand styles, and cordless features.
  • Consider a motorized or automated system that can be controlled electronically instead of with cords.
  • When in doubt, work with a company that can advise you on the safest possibilities for your family.

Making the purchase of cordless treatments easier

From now through Oct. 31, The Blindman is offering a special for homeowners who want to go cordless and make their window treatments safer for everyone. We are offering 20% off all child-safe products, including blinds, shutters, motorization and shades. We want to make it easy for you to put kids first and support the Go Cordless for Kids child safety initiative that’s happening nationwide.

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