Benefits of Cordless Shades

There are many types of window coverings, from shutters to blinds to drapes; however, if we had to pick our favorite, it might just be cordless shades. Not only are they our favorites, but they have quickly become the go-to window covering for most people. Homeowners can benefit from cordless shades in a variety of ways. Not only are cordless shades secure, durable and straightforward to use, but they are also safer than traditional blinds, which is why they are gaining such popularity.

If you’re looking for a stylish, modern look paired with easy-to-use functionality, shades should be your first choice. To help confirm your decision, we’ve put together a list of several benefits of cordless shades.


Cordless shades are highly recommended for homeowners who have pets or children. Their simple operation makes them easy to use, and the absence of a dangling cord makes them safe. With cordless shades, you will not worry about the possibility of cord strangulation or your children confusing the cord as a toy. They are safe to add to the children’s bedrooms and the bathroom, living room or kitchen.

For pet owners, cordless shades are also an excellent choice. You will not find your cat using the hanging cord as a play toy or your dog confusing it with a chew toy. Cordless shades can prevent damage to your shades or blinds, as well as keep your pets out of possible danger. Knowing that your children and pets are safe and not in harm’s way can keep your mind at ease.

Easy Functionality

Instead of trying to figure out which cord pulls in which direction or trying to finagle the cord, so the blinds stay at just the right height, cordless shades are simple to raise and lower. To operate, you raise or lower the bottom bar, which will stay securely locked. You’ll get the perfect height every time.


The versatility of cordless blinds is one of their most significant selling points. Not only are there hundreds of colors, textures and styles to choose from, but you can also layer them with drapery or leave them on their own to match the style of your home. There’s everything from bamboo, and faux wood, to simple singular colors.

At the Blindman, we have a vast selection of cordless options. Visit our showroom in Lindon to find which options are best for your home and design preferences. You can also call us at (801) 692-2490 to talk to one of our window-covering experts to discuss all the ways you can benefit by upgrading to Cordless Shades or schedule a free, no-obligation, in-home consultation.